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British Dandy Style – Peaky Blinders Inspo

Before starting let me tell you that I don’t event know even know anything about this : Peaky Blinders.

Strange ?! Not really, People talked to me a lot about it saying I ould love it, but I did not take the time to watch. I am not a big big fan of series, yes I admit to the risk of being pilloried by the lobby of the series that some of my friends are part.


Joking aside, now you are wondering why dedicating a shooting and an article to this serie that I have not seen, not 30 seconds.

Let me tell you the story. We are januray 2nd, I come back from a week of holidays, entering a new year … and I am here at work a lil bit bored.

The day before, I just finished the season 3 of Murder, a banger so that, very proudly, I decided to jump in and asked Google about “Peaky Blinders” (on my break time for sure ahah). And then, OOMMGGGGGGG.

A kind of Kingsman in a British ghetto.
To sum up, some gangsters dressed to the nines, who sow trouble and disorder in the streets.
I directly digged it, that filled my bipolar side so that I looked at the Google Images during 15 minutes.


Everything is dark as F, apart the clothes, some bespoke pieces, perfectly fitted, that sublimates the ones who wear them. A stylistic treat ! 

But the real thing of this story is that I already planned an outfit for this kind of shooting without even knowing.

Two weeks before, I was supposed to shoot but Axel and I had to replace the shooting.

Basically, I am inspired by the Italian vibe but I wanted to go on some bold British style.
I did put myself in the shoes of a guy born and raised in London, who went to live in Naples at the age of 18.


My « Prince de Galles » jacket was compulsory, mixed with some navy blue pants for a nice and subtle demi-dakar. A sky blue shirt, the ones I prefer.

 A blue tie with some rose diamonds patterns for some boldness.
This one is confirmed by the burgundy leather gloves put a pocket square for some colored originality ans an impactful visual effect.

For sure, the must-have, to assure a timeless British style, the cap.

To calm down this amount of information and finish with the British Touch, some brown brogues, a classic.

The OOTD was ready so I had to find the perfect spot to shoot.
And I found it with ease.

I always wanted to shoot at the metro station “Cité” for a chic and gang vibe. Its architecture, its green light bring some visual tension. Exactly what I needed. 

For the lil story, it has been built at the beginning of the 20th century at the same time of the real Peaky Blinders soi t was even more appropriate 

We finally di dit with Axel, one of my photographers, go and check his amazing work.

Now I just have to watch the serie for real ahah.
Do you believe it ?




Photoshoot @AxelDeLai

Manteau @Zara
Chemise @CaféCoton

Cravate @BruceField
Pantalon – Souliers – Veste @Mango
Gants @FrancescoSmalto
Casquette @Printemps

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