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Turtleneck x Jacket for the Win ?

This autumn-winter season was marked by the strong presence of the turtleneck jacket combo.
It has been seen everywhere, in all sauces, of all forms. I find this a shame because in my opinion this stylistic combination was not democratized, but unfortunately popularized.
It has become the easy-to-use solution for those who want to be casual chic without having to push hard.
Error in my opinion…

 Col roulé veste by KALVIN NSK

The turtleneck is considered as the elegant alternative piece to the traditional shirt-tie.
Note however that it was worn at first by athletes, sailors and workers who worked outdoors and could not wear a scarf.
But hey, fashion does not always respect the tradition ..


For some seasons he has made a strong comeback and is imposing himself as timeless, but beware of faults of taste. It is true that at first glance, it is easy to wear, that it can find its place on an outfit whatever the desired style dandy, sporty chic, casual …

Col roulé veste by KALVIN NSK


Regarding the dapper one, which interests us in this case, it is clear that under a blazer or with a full suit it can be an alternative of choice to the shirt and the tie, and be elegant and casual.
However, in my opinion, there are some pitfalls to avoid in order to sublimate this association.

A great quality one

We prefer “noble” materials such as cashmere, virgin wool, merino.
To avoid pilling etc. do not hesitate to entrust the maintenance to the laundry.
Of course, you will wear it perfectly ironed.

Col roulé veste by KALVIN NSK 

You will take your morphology into account

With its high collar, the turtleneck highlights the head and jaw so if you have a small jaw, I do not recommend it.
Same if you go hard in the gym have a bull’s neck.If you have a little belly, you will also avoid, because of its cut, the turtleneck emphasizes the slightest trace of extra fat so it’s not elegant and subtle at all..

 Col roulé veste by KALVIN NSK

For sure, the right size you will choose

Too wide it loses all its sense and its elegance, you will just swim in it with creases everywhere.
Too tight, just forget it, it’s not a second skin. In terms of elegance all that is tight to excess has to be banned. Anyway, too tight it will give a packed effect, while at the right size it is supposed to raise your silhouette..


Under a jacket, no big stitches

The costume jacket or the blazer are not coats and are not intended to be superimposed on thick pieces. We will avoid too.

Col roulé veste by KALVIN NSK 

Colors are important !

As with everything, we will ensure the harmony of colors.
If you pitch in a tone on tone, it will be necessary that the two tones denote sufficiently one of the other but in a good dosage that only the eye can detect because there is no written rule in the matter.

 Col roulé veste by KALVIN NSK

Finally, the jacket is the #1 thing

If you have to remember one thing it is this one. The turtleneck is cool but the jacket is the main element. It must have strength.
The jacket leads the dialogue and the turtleneck elegantly supports its talk.
We take a powerful jacket because in itself a turtleneck is quite simple, so we must spice it all with a strong piece.
When you put on two clothes you have to create contrast and it’s all the interest to have a jacket of madness in terms of material and / or patterns and even cutting.
This will bring power and depth to the look.

 Col roulé veste by KALVIN NSK

Bonus : The accessories

Ooops I did it again!
In the article ⇒”NSK BAG BY @MAHILEATHER” I introduced to you the brand ⇒ Mahileather that provided me with a full leather personalized weekender bag.
I fell in love with its premium quality and the solidary spirit of the brand that helps Indian population from the Mahi river that I decided to make another personalized bag for a professional use.
This one I can wear it on a daily basis and be fresh to death to go to the office.
Everything I love..

Col roulé veste by KALVIN NSK

Alors t’en penses quoi ?! Tu tenterais le combo ?




Photoshoot @Maxim.nk (clique)

Blazer croisé @FrancescoSmalto
Col roulé @MahoganyCachemire

Pochette @Zara
Pantalon @Mango 
Souliers @Manfield
Sac en cuir NSK @MahiLeather

Col roulé veste by KALVIN NSK

 Col roulé veste by KALVIN NSK

Col roulé veste by KALVIN NSK

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