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Stylistic Bipolarity


When I look back at the 25 past years, I notice that launching my blog is like something obvious in my life.

Since I am a kid, Have always had this sense of dress, fresh and clean all the time. My father used to prepare me some dope outfits, notably for the familial celebrations. In fact he is the one who taught me how to appreciate clothes, take car of them and play with them.

Overtime, I built my own vision, I asserted my passion. I have evolved through some chic streetwear inspirations and now have developed as the same time a sartorial expertise even though it can appeare as weird ahah :). It’s the reflect of my personality, of what I like to call my stylistic bipolarity.

This project was Born on the back on an enveloppe, after a sudden urge. Fresh out of a Business School Master 2, and in front of the hard reality of the first job search, I used this time, energy and passion to create this blog.

After a lot of thoughts, doubts, certainties and thrills, I am glad to share with you this blog, dedicated to the amateurs, enthusiast or experts of fashion, style, sports, beauty, lifestyle etc. You will be provided with some tips, funny stories, nice pictures and a lot of surprises on a daily basis. But overall expression of a passion.

Don’t hesitate and follow me on Instagram and Facebook :).

Thanks ya’ll, thanks to my Square, my team. #QueduLove

Kalvin NSK. #lhommensk


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